Attic Inspection Program 

  • Proper attic ventilation offers many benefits
  • Extend the life of your roof
  • Control humidity
  • Lower attic temperatures
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Install our “quiet package” Vibration eliminators

  • Canvas duct connectors as required
  • Insulated air return(s) as needed
  • Ribbed sheet metal
  • Install turning vanes where needed
  • Install our “even air flow package” on new duct systems

Install our “even air flow package”

  • Install balancing dampers on new duct systems
  • Set and check cooling air volume
  • Set and check heating air volume
  • (optional) install new double deflection diffusers
  • (optional) install new return air grills

Install our “energy saving package”

  • Evacuate system
  • Complete system leak check before start-up
  • Charge refrigerant to manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Insulate suction line
  • Perform certified start up

Install our electrical package

  • Use only copper wire
  • Use sunlight resistant wire ties
  • Install new low voltage wiring when needed
  • Mark HVAC circuit breaker

Install our “reliability package”

  • Install new condensate drain system as required
  • Refrigerant removal per federal guidelines
  • Provide customer training

Install our “indoor air quality package”

  • Seal all duct joints
  • (optional) high efficiency air purification system
  • Easy to change filter grills

Special Warranties and Guaranties

  • 10 year duct work guarantee
  • 10 year weather tight wall and roof penetrations guarantee


  • Relocate outdoor unit as required
  • Check and install attic ventilation
  • Check / relocate dryer vent
  • Install attic / crawl space light
  • Install attic / crawl space insulation
  • Install water heater jacket
  • Install pull down staircase
  • Replace water heater
  • Install humidification
  • Clean duct work