Dear Gregg,

As you recommended, changing out our unit is going to be very beneficial. Going from a 13 year old to the new high-efficiency 13 seer is already showing savings on our utility bill. I am enclosing copies of the past 2 month’s usage and cooling degree days as compared to the same time period last year. As you can see, the kilowatt hours are less for more cooling degree days since our unit was only installed March 18th this year. You might also like to know I was very impressed with the clean up your guys did before they left after installing the unit. I could hardly tell anyone had been there. Thanks for all your help. We have been very pleased.



Dear Mr. Hamm,

I want to thank you for “coming to my rescue” when my heating unit developed problems during the extreme winter weather we experienced. First I was without electricity from Thursday to Sunday and I had to go to my sister’s house as she had a gas heater. Then when the electricity did get on my furnace would not heat….I had kept a couple of heaters when you put in the 1st unit so I could at least keep part of my house fairly warm. Monday I feared my pipes would freeze up. Since I am nearing my 81st milestone, problems seem much larger than when I was younger. I appreciate you putting in the new motor and if I owe you, just mail me a bill. I want to commend the two young men who worked out here in the bitter cold from 7:00pm to after 10:00pm. They were so cheerful about it and seemed so dedicated to their mission. I really am grateful for their hard labor in freezing weather and to your company for providing such good service.




Dear Gregg,

I appreciate your business and your great help to me in checking it each season and knowing I can call you anytime if I need help.




Dear Sir/Madam,

I wanted to include a note with my invoice to compliment you on your staff. On Sunday, we brought home our new baby, only 2 days old. That night our furnace malfunctioned. First thing Monday morning I called your company and described my problem to a very nice woman (I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name!) who took my information and assured me someone would be out that day, although a bit late because things were backed up. She was extremely pleasant and professional. Our technician called in advance to apologize for taking so long, but let us know he would arrive as soon as possible. I have never had a technician call me, much less to apologize for running behind.

When he arrived, which was much sooner than he thought, he was professional and pleasantly listened to me. I have had several experiences with service technicians for a variety of problems, and rarely have they paid any attention to what I said. This may seem minor, but it means a lot to the customer. What made it worse was that our furnace seemed to fix itself and was working when he arrived (of course!). He examined our furnace and came up with three or four things that it could be. He let me know that he thought it was some debris in a vacuum switch that probably cleared, but to call if the problem reoccurred. He was patient enough to answer my questions, no matter how dumb. He said that if the problem reoccurred, to call him back. Sure enough, it happened again that night. I called Tuesday morning and had another extremely pleasant and professional conversation. She contacted him as we spoke, and found how long it would be before he could come out. He gave her a time and he arrived just as he said. He found the source of the problem and many hours they have been putting in. Although he must have had many more appointments that day, he took time to ensure that he did the repair properly and answered all my questions. Everyone that I have spoken with, and had come out were all very polite, understanding, and professional. I would highly recommend your company. If I have need of any further work, which I’m sure I will, I know who to call.




Dear Sir,

I just wanted to say thank you for the good service/repair job that your company performed on June 14th and 15th.Your technician, was very pleasant, polite, and conscientious. He had come out on the 14th and then returned on the15th, thinking that he had overlooked something the day before. As a result of his diligence, he saved me from having to replace the compressor or the entire unit. Unfortunately, there are not enough technicians in the service industry today that put this kind of thought into their work. I would like to commend him for his caring attitude. I would feel no hesitation in recommending your company to my friends. Thank you again.

Yours truly,